Advanced Vehicle Research Center (AVRC)
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  • News 2018

10/02/2018: Lubing's third paper was accepted by prestigious material science journal--Materials & Design (IF=4.56). Big congratulations Lubing!

10/01/2018: Binghe and Yikai's joint paper on battery safety issues caused by internal short-circuit was accepted by prestigious energy journal--Journal of Materials Chemistry A (IF=9.93). It surely is a big leap for our group. Big congratulations Binghe and Yikai!

09/24/2018: Jiani's third paper was accepted by prestigious mechanics journal--International Journal of Mechanical Sciences (IF=3.57). Big congratulations Jiani!

07/07/2018: Yaobo's second paper was accepted by prestigious materials journal--Materials & Design (IF=4.58). Big congratulations Yaobo!

06/08/2018: Haoyu's first paper was accepted by prestigious composite materials journal--Composite Structrues (IF=3.86). Big congratulations Haoyu!

06/07/2018: Yaobo's first paper was accepted by prestigious composite materials journal--Journal of Composite Materials (IF=1.49). Big congratulations Yaobo!

05/02/2018: Lubing's innovative manuscript describing the mechanical characterization and modeling of electrodes were accepted by the prominent electrochemistry journal--Journal of Power Sources (IF=6.40). Big congratulations Lubing!

04/21/2018: Binghe's battery pack paper was just accepted by Engineering Failure and Analysis after about one year's waiting on Editor's hand. Congratulations Binghe!

03/14/2018: Jianxing's first International Journal of Impact Engieering paper was just accepted. Publishing IJIE should be the most important sign to be a researcher in the field of impact dynamics. Congratulations Jianxing!

03/10/2018: Yongsheng's first AVRC paper was just accepted by Journal of Alloys and Compounds (IF=3.13). Congratulations Yongsheng!

02/16/2018: Happy Chinese Dog Year!

02/04/2018: Yikai's first paper on lithium-ion battery testing was just accepted by Experimetal Mechanics (IF=2.09), the top journal in experimental mechanics field. Congratulations Yikai!

02/01/2018: Shi Shang's final paper at AVRC was just accepted by Applied Bionics and Biomechanics, a journal guest-editored by Jun. Congratulations Shi!

  • News 2017

12/10/2017: Wen's new paper on how to quantitatively measure the driving behavior was accepted by PLoS one! Congratulations Wen!

11/10/2017: Lubing, Wen, Jianxing, Sha and Jun attended ASME in Tampa. Meet lots of old friends and make new friends. A very impressive travel to Florida!

11/01/2017: Prof. Xu gave an invited talk about mechanical integrity of lithium ion battery safety in Department of Nano Engineering at UCSD. Thanks Prof. Marc Meyers for initiation this seminar!

10/22/2017: Prof. Xu, Prof. Yin and Jiani attended CCCM-2017 and Jiani won a series prizes, including the 3rd prize for best presentation, Best Innovation award and The most diligent-working award. Congratulations Jiani!

10/06/2017: Mr. Binghe Liu's multiphysics computational model of lithium-ion battery paper was accepted by Electrochimica Acta (IF=4.80). This is the first paper published in the prestigious electrochemical journal by AVRC. Congratulations Binghe!

09/07/2017: Mr. Bowen Zheng's first metamaterial paper was accepted by Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (IF=2.59). Congratulations Bowen!

08/23/2017: Prof. Xu, Prof. Yin and Ph.D./M.S. students attended the prestigious ICCM 21 in Xi'an. Four students gave excellent talks and presented our outstanding research progress to the international peers in composite research topics.

08/19/2017: Prof. Xu and Mr. Jianxing Hu attended the 4th International Conference on Pplasticity and Impact Dynamics in Dalian. Prof. Xu gave a talk on mechanical behaviors of DNA-based sturcutre and was highly commented by experts. Prof. Xu had a wonderful time with Prof. T.X. Yu, Prof. Gengdong Chen (Academician), Prof. Jialin Yang, Prof. Yapu Zhao and Prof. Qing Zhou. Jun also enjoyed the delicious and fabulous seafood in Dalian!

08/16/2017: Prof. Xu and some Ph.D./M.S. students jointly attended the CCTAM-2017 in Beijing. They had a wonderful and fruitful discussions with good old friends and learn recent progress in the related fields.

08/15/2017: Mrs. Yanting Zheng's high-quality windshield cracking paper was just accepted by Computers & Structures (IF=2.85). This paper was financially sponsored by Jaguar Land Rover. Congratulations Yanting!

08/11/2017: Mr. Jianxing Hu's debut show in top mechanical journal began! His first resarch work on dynamic repsonse of internally nested shell was accepted by Thin-walled Structures (IF=2.83). Congratulations Jianxing!

07/29/2017: Mr. Xiang Gao's research work on mechanical structural design of nature fiber lattice core was accepted by Materials & Design (IF=4.36). This is first nature fiber lattice research paper published in our group and look forward to more papers! Congratulations Xiang!

07/21/2017: Prof. Xu attended the 14th USNCCM conference and had a wonderful time with his good old friends, such as Prof. Howie Fang at UNCC, Prof. Qing Li at USYD and Dr. Jingwen Hu. He also made initial contact with researchers from Apple inc. and Oak Ridge National Laboratory for possible collaborations.

06/13/2017: Research work on mechanical integrity of lithium-ion battery in AVRC is highlighted by the MOST authoritative newspaper--People's Daily, see: http://society.people.com.cn/n1/2017/0613/c1008-29334700.html; The news was also highlighted in University homepage: http://news.buaa.edu.cn/mtbh/103449.htm; Sina: http://tech.sina.com.cn/roll/2017-06-13/doc-ifyfzhpq6800004.shtml; Sohu: http://www.sohu.com/a/149083060_434501; Also his junior/senior school alumni page: http://www.nbxiaoshi.net/xiaoqing/readnews.asp?newsid=13151‍. Congratulations Jun and all AVRCers!

06/07/2017: Mrs. Jiani Li made her second paper accepted in the top transportation safety field -- Accident Analysis and Prevention (IF=2.03). Congratulations Jiani!

04/10/2017: Mr. Bowen Zheng got his second Extreme Mechanics Letters paper accepted. Congratulations Bowen!

02/11/2017: Mrs. Yijing Wu made her debut for her lithium-ion battery research on RSC Advances (IF=3.28). Congratulations Yijing!

02/05/2017: Mr. Bowen Zheng has made the first goal for AVRC in 2017--his Enhanced Energy Dissipation paper was just accepted by Carbon (IF=6.20). Congratulations Bowen!

01/28/2017: AVRC wish you a properous, healthy and happy Chinese Rooster Year!

  • News 2016

11/19/2016: Prof. Xu was awarded the 1st "Natinoal Young Investigator Award in Explosive Mechanics" during National Congress of Explosive Mechanics, Zhuhai, Guangdong. Congratulations Jun!

11/14/2016: Prof. Xu with Mr. Bowen Zheng attended IMECE 2016 in Phoenix. Bowen made a very good presentation and Prof. Xu chaired two sessions, co-chaired four sessions and conveyed four talks. It is good to know that research work in XU GROUP is regarded highly from audience. What a good memory in this desert city!

11/10/2016: Prof. Xu visited UNC Charlotte and delivered a talk in stress wave propagation. He also met his old friend Prof. Howie Fang and made new friends with Prof. Qiuming Wei and Prof. Nigel Zheng at UNC Charlotte. Thanks Howie for his great hospitality!

11/06/2016: Dr. Yin Sha's first paper in AVRC was accepted by the composite top journal--Composite Structures (IF=3.85). Definitely we will embrace more and more Sha's paper in top journals. Congratulations Sha!

11/03/2016: Mr. Bowen Zheng 's new paper in solitary wave propagation in 2D packaging  was accepted by Scientific Reports. Congratulations Bowen!

09/24/2016: Mr. Bowen Zheng 's new paper in solitary wave tuning was accepted by Carbon. This is first Carbon paper in our group. Congratulations Bowen!

09/23/2016: Mr. Bowen Zheng 's new paper in short CNT for energy dissipation was accepted by EML. This is first EML paper in our group. Congratulations Bowen!

09/03/2016: Ms. Wen Zhang was selected to be a member in Ph.D. student class in Honoring Engineering School (the elite school at Beihang). She is the first student in AVRC to be enrolled. Congratulations Wen!

08/18/2016: Mr. Binghe Liu's nail penetration paper was accepted by Applied Energy (IF=5.75). This is his second AE paper. Congratulations Binghe!

08/06/2016: Farewell to Shi and Kangpei. It's hard to say goodbye. Wish you both a bright future!

08/06/2016: A wonderful trip to Datong! Thank you Shi Shang for your hospitality!

06/27/2016: Mr. Binghe Liu was awarded "Excellent Academic Funding for Ph.D. student, BUAA" and he was the ONLY AWARDEE in the school this year! He will soon recieve 40,000 RMB cash reward for his academic excellence. What a rich guy! Congratulations Binghe!

06/27/2016: Ms. Wen Zhang, together with Mr. Xiang Gao and Mr. Wanlin Meng, was awarded the "Excellent" prize in National College Innovation and Enterpreneur Program. Congratulations to Wen, Xiang and Wanlin!

06/21/2016: Mr. Bowen Zheng was awarded the First Prize in "Fengru Cup" which fills the blank for school in the last eight years! Bowen also was awarded the "Three-good" students in Beijing. Congratulations Bowen!

06/07/2016: Mr. Shi Shang successfully defensed his M.S. thesis with excellent and convicing performance. Congratulations Shi!

05/28/2016: Prof. Xu attended 2016 ICILSM with Mr. Binghe Liu especially designed for Prof. T.X. Yu's 75th birthday. He had a wonderful time with old friends and made lots of new friends! Besides, he visited the metropolitan city Milan for academic discussion.

05/21/2016: Prof. Xu was invited as the Editor of PLOS ONE (IF=3.2). Congratulations Jun!

04/29/2016: Prof. Xu hosted The 23rd Seminar for Chinese Society of Composites, sponsored by China Academy of Science and Engineering focusing on Lithium ion Battery. Prof. Yujie Wei, Prof. Jianbo Zhang, Prof. Shubin Yang, Prof. Yong Xia and Prof. Jun Xu gave wonderful and insightful talks which attracted over 80 attendees with heated discussions. The quality, format and organization of the seminar were highly praised by the Chinese Society of Composites. Group members made significant contributions in organization work and thank you all!

04/27/2016: Prof. Xu was invited for a keynote speech in The 3rd International Automobile Lightweight & Light Parts Forum and the talk was very impressive. Good job!

04/16/2016: Prof. Guoxing Lu visited AVRC and gave a nice presentation on the general review of impact dynamics and the latest progress of his research. Prof. Lu had a rich seafood buffet dinner with Prof. Xu and Prof. Liang Tang!

04/03/2016: Mr. Kangpei Meng, expected to be the Ph.D. student of Prof. Qingming Li at the University of Manchester met his future adviser for the first time with Prof. Xu. They enjoyed the delicious and wonderful buffet in Weishi Hotel for dinner. What a good night!

: Prof. Xu enjoyed his meeting with good old friends Dr. Bill Feng and Dr. Charlie Loh from Jaguar Land Rover. They not only spent a good time on research project discussion but on personal re-union time. Looking forward to next meeting!

: Mr. Binghe Liu, a Ph.D. student in AVRC just had his third paper accepted in Applied Energy (IF=5.6).  This paper suggests a much more accurate FE model for 18650 LIB cell. What a hat-trick! Congratulations Binghe!

03/18/2016: The Chinese Academy for Science and Technology just announced the awardee for the 1st "Young Scientists Career Development Support Plan" and Prof. Xu is one of them. Big congratulations for Jun! The full list can be accessed via: http://www.cast.org.cn/n35081/n35488/16954508.html

03/13/2016: The Central Organization Ministry of China has officially announce the awardees for 12th "1000 Youth Talent Plan" (the highest award for oversea Chinese talents) and Prof. Xu is one of them. Big congratulations for Jun! The full list can be accessed via: http://www.1000plan.org/qrjh/article/64754

03/11/2016: Prof. Xu, Prof. Yin and Mr. Chong Zhang flew to Paris for the 2016 JEC show, together with the President and Vice President of JDM. We spent a very good time there!

02/09/2016: Ms. Wen Zhang, Mr. Xiang Gao and Mr. Wanlin Meng, fourth year undergraduate students in AVRC just had their first paper accepted in PLOS One (IF=3.2).  This paper suggests a comprehensive experiment characterization for anisotropicity and strain rate dependency of silkworm cocoons. We are looking forward to their second paper! Congratulations Wen, Xiang and Wanlin!

02/06/2016: Mr. Hanlin Jiang, a M.S. student in AVRC just had his first paper accepted in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (IF=4.5).  This paper suggests a new type of a lightweight NEAS system and highly recommended by the reviewers. We are looking forward to his second paper! Congratulations Hanlin!

02/02/2016: Mr. Binghe Liu, a Ph.D. student in AVRC just had his second paper accepted in Scientific Reports (IF=5.6).  This paper quantitatively describes SOC related battery mechanical behavior. We are looking forward to his third paper! Congratulations Binghe!

01/26/2016: Mr. Shi Shang, a M.S. student in AVRC just had his second paper accepted in the most prestigious journal in the field of Transportation Safety, i.e. Accident Analysis and Prevention. We are looking forward to his third paper! Congratulations Shi!

01/22/2016: Prof. Xu signed a five-year contract with Ningbo Jingda Ltd. to establish a joint research lab to develop the forming equipment of composite vehicular parts. The research funding for the first three years is 3,000,000 RMB, which is the largest grant ever AVRC has received! This lay a strong foundation for the fast development of AVRC in the coming future. Congratulations AVRC!

01/20/2016: Mr. Bowen Zheng, a third-year undergrad student in AVRC just had one paper accepted in Scientific Reports (IF=5.6). This refreshes a new record for earliest publication of SCI-indexed JCR Q1 paper in the school. Congratulations Bowen!

01/10/2016: Ms. Lubing Wang, a first-year M.S.-Ph.D. student in AVRC just had one paper accepted in Materials & Design (IF=3.5). This sets a new record for earliest publication of SCI-indexed JCR Q1 paper in the school. Congratulations Lubing!

01/08/2016: Mr. Kangpei Meng won the Presidential Distinguished Scholarship at University Manchester and received the exciting official offer! He will prepare himself well for his journey to UM. Congratulations Kangpei!

  • News 2015

12/26/2015: AVRC had the annual report meeting and everyone (including faculty members) summarized his/her research progress, achievement in a retrospective way and also made new year solutions. AVRC progressed significantly in 2015 and now is gradually taking off on the right track. Wish AVRC a successful 2016!

12/25/2015: Mr. Kangpei Meng successfully defended his M.S. thesis and finally got his M.S. degree. Committee members were impressed by his research achievement. Congratulations Kangpei!

11/15/2015: Prof. Xu attended the 2014 IMECE conference with four presentations. Prof. Xu served as the topic chair for AMD track "Dynamic fracture of advanced materials" with chair and co-chair for five sessions. He also attended the annual committee meeting for the Fracture and Failure Mechanics Technical Committee. It was so good that the academic family, led by Prof. Xi Chen got an reunion in Houston as well as Jun's good old friend Prof. Akio Yunezo!

10/27/2015: To enjoy the gorgeous foliage in "Fragrant Hill", AVRC organized a hiking activity. We reached the Xianglu Mountain within one hour (which is a bad record...) and played the game "who is the undercover". We enjoyed the nice and beautiful sightseeing and weather very much. What a good day!

10/23/2015: Mr. Shi Shang, a M.S. student in AVRC just had one paper accepted in the most prestigious journal in the field of Transportation Safety, i.e. Accident Analysis and Prevention. We are looking forward to his second and third papers. Congratulations Shi!

10/12/2015: Prof. Xu's good friends, Prof. Akio Yonezu visited AVRC. Akio presented his latest research work on 3D porous material modeling and simulation, as well as the laser-induced dynamic spalling problem. Graduate and undergraduate students in AVRC also delivered wonderful presentations and impressed Akio a lot. Later, Akio was invited for the famous Peking Roast Duck in Quanjude and visited the Forbidden City. Hope we may meet Akio in the coming future soon.

10/08/2015: Prof. Xu's good friends, Prof. Fan Li and Prof. Fuhao Mo visited AVRC. Prof. Li and Prof. Mo gave two impressive talks and discussed thoroughly with Prof. Xu. Currently, they established a joint research union in the field of Applied Biomechanics in Transportation. Thanks Fan and Fuhao!

09/30/2015: AVRC had four new shining members, Ms. Wen Zhang, Mr. Xiang Gao, Mr. Yaobo Wu and Ms. Jiani Li, in the early-admission of graduate study at Beihang University (with the exemption of national graduate study entrance exam). Especially, Wen’s outstanding background and excellent performance in the interview impressed very professor in the committee. Congrats to Wen, Xiang, Yaobo and Jiani!

09/18/2015: Prof. Xu visited his senior academic brother Prof. Feng Gao and his friend Prof. Shan Tang at Chongqing University.

09/17/2015: Prof. Xu visited Prof. Fangyin Dai at Southwest University and successfully established a long-term collaboration with the State Key Laboratory of Silkworm.

09/17/2015: Kangpei successfully secured the 1st place in the National Scholarship competition defense and became the first AVRCer to have the National Scholarship (highest scholarship level for Chinese students). Congratulations Kangpei!  

09/16/2015: Prof. Xu attended 3rd lightweight vehicle body conference and 9th lightweight vehicle material conference in Chongqing and met some old friends.

09/13/2015: Prof. Xu attended 2015 DYMAT conference in Lugano, Switzerland and made a presentation about nanopore energy absorption system. He was the one of the two Chinese scholars invited to present during the prestigious DYMAT conference. During the conference, Prof. Xu happily talked with Prof. Marc Mayers, Prof. K.T. Ramesh, Prof. Ron Armstrong, Prof. Daniel Rittel, Prof. Qingming Li, Prof. Xiaowei Chen, Prof. Fenghua Zhou and Prof. Yulong Li. Hope we may establish some collaborations with those groups.

08/15/2015: Mr. Kangpei Meng's paper was accepted by the Materials & Design. Congratulations Kangpei!

06/25/2015: Prof. Jun Xu was invited for a keynote speech in the 3rd Symposium of Composite Materials Application in Transportation.

06/20/2015: Mr. Jieer Cao got his offer from Chalmers University of Technology with the prestigious VOLVO GROUP Fellowship which is pretty rare for foreign student. Congratulations Jieer!

06/20/2015: Mr. Hongshun Chen got his offer from University of Florida with a Fellowship which is pretty rare for MS student. Congratulations A-shun!

06/15/2015: Prof. Jun Xu had a reunion with his advisor Prof. Xi Chen! Prof. Xi Chen delivered a wonderful talk in Science of Nanofluidics. Hope Xi's career in China would grow drastically in the very near future!

06/12/2015: Mr. Binghe Liu was accepted as Master-Ph.D. program candidate due to his outstanding academic performance and his strong determination to be world-class faculty member. Keep the good work, Binghe!

06/06/2015: Ms. Lubing Wang was awarded for the "Excellent Fresh Ph.D. student Fellowship" (two winners for each school). Congratulations Lubing!

05/04/2015: Prof. Jun Xu was approved as the PI for "top-quality graduate student course" project for class "Automotive Dynamics and its control". Congratulations!

04/14/2015: Prof. Jun Xu was selected as the Senior Member of Chinese Society for Composite Materials (CSCM). Congratulations!

04/13/2015: David Coleman, Charlie Loh and Bill Feng from JLR, UK visited Dept. of Automotive Eng., Beihang University and met with Dean, Associate Dean and Department Chairman. JLR representatives showed great interest in the facilities and research work in Jun's group and expressed high possibility for further collaboration.

03/30/2015: Mr. Binghe Liu's debut paper was accepted by Engineering Failure and Analysis (SCI indexed, Q1). Congratulations Binghe!

01/20/2015: Prof. Xu's paper submitted to 2015 DYMAT conference (the highest conference in the impact dynamics field) was selected and recommended to be published in European Physics Journal-Special Topics (top 15 papers).

  • News 2014

11/27/2014: Prof. Xu received a telephone call from headquater of Jaguar and Land Rover (JLR), UK. His lab has been proven to be the official partner of JLR. Starting from a small research project funded by JLR, Xu's group would involve more and more comprehensively with JLR R&D. Congrats to the group!

11/26/2014: Ms. Yanting Zheng, advised by Prof. Guizhen Yu, joined our group. Prof. Xu is her co-advisor (with Prof. Guizhen Yu). Welcome Yanting!

11/15/2014~11/22/2014: Prof. Xu participated 2014 ASME, Montreal. During the conference, he gave four presentations and chaired one session. He also participated annual ASME fracture and fatigue committee meeting. In the meanwhile, he had a re-union with his advisor Prof. Xi Chen, senior academic brother Prof. Ling Liu and Prof. Akio Yunezo. It was for sure worth to sufferring from severe jet lag :).

11/13/2014: Prof. Xu and Binghe participated 2014 INFATS, Chongqing. Binghe made his first oral presentation in an international conference. Congrats Binghe!

10/29/2014: Prof. Xu just finished his first teaching course: automotive materials. Congrats Jun!

09/20/2014: Ms. Yijing Wu, recommended by Prof. Xiaoli Yu from Zhejiang University was accepted for the graduate study in Xu's group. Welcome Yijing!

09/02/2014: Ms. Lubing Wang joined Prof. Xu's group as an undergraduate student. Welcome Lubing!

09/02/2014: Mr. Shi Shang joined Prof. Xu's group as a M.S. student. Welcome Shi!

08/04/2014: Mr. Jieer Cao joined Prof. Xu's group as an undergraduate student. Welcome Jieer!