Advanced Vehicle Research Center (AVRC)

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From low to high strain rates, from small to large masses and from one-time to cyclic loading, dynamic loading scenarios are surrounding around us. Especially, in transportation media, such as automobiles, aircraft, high-speed trains as well as marine ships are subjects to various crash situations from time to time. Therefore, highly efficient energy dissipation materials and structures are needed to provide better protection against impacts and vibrations.

One step further, the difference between dynamic and quasi-static mechanical loading is the inertia effect and strain rate effect caused on both structures and materials. Both effects tangle and couple with each other such to pose more troubles to unravel the fundamental mechanisms of dynamic behaviors of materials and structures. Thus, it is critical to first understand the stress wave propagation behavior which may lay a corner stone to solve the sophisticated problem.

Another highly related engineering-driven issue in the Automotive Engineering area is to reveal the injury mechanism about in-cabin passengers and outside pedestrian which includes two critical questions: the physical mechanism of injury and the related injury criteria. Numerical analysis together with in-situ desktop experiments are good combination to investigate these two problems.

No matter how advanced human requirement may need for various mechanical application, mechanics has been and will be playing an increasingly important role in providing the fundamental scientific tool to solve those questions and thus enhance the life quality.